Communication Strategies in our Relationships with others.

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Communication Strategies in our Relationships with others Test: 
Are you a:
1. The following are 3 components of communication: Speaker, listener, outside noise
2. Every message contains important information about one of the following: Fact, self-revealing, relationship, appeal
3. Aside from words, which is another important factor in communication?
4. Arguments often stem from underlying unspoken feelings.
5. Barriers to effective communication include: having fun, eating dinner, positive body language.
6. Which of the following techniques can be used to reduce stress during tough conversations.
7. True or false: All of the following are active listening skills: Body language, eye contact, minimize distractions, withholding judgement
8. True or false: Catastrophizing is when we think of the worst possible scenario and believe it to be true.
9. True or false: Mindfulness involves clearing your thoughts so that you are not thinking about anything.
10. True or false: With practice anyone can improve their communication skills.

Communication Strategies in Our Interrelationships with Others: Evaluation 

Learning Objectives:  Participants will recognize the significance of active and passive listening skills.

Please take a few moments to answer the following questions, which will be used to assist us in meeting your needs. 

Seminar Offering: Demonstrate various techniques to create thoughtful and positive communications with others.

Please choose the appropriate number with 5 representing exceeded exaction and 1 being below expectation.

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