How to Manage Anxiety: Tips for a healthier you sponsored by Constellation Home Care 

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Test: How to Manage Anxiety 

Everyone Suffers from Anxiety in his or her lifetime
In Generalized Anxiety Disorder a client feels anxious some of the time
Genetics never play a role in anxiety
Poeple who suffer from Agoraphobia usually have a fear of going out in public places
Someone suffering from Panic Disorder can have a physical symptom of rapid heart beat

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Evaluation: How to Manage Anxiety

How To Manage Anxiety: Tips for a Healthier you

Leanring objectives: Develop an understanding of anxiety and techniques to reduce it's impact on your clients.

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Seminar Offering:  Develop an understanding of the stress experienced in your work and your life.  Gain insights to create change for a healthier you. 

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