The Interplay between patients rights and your responsibility -Notifications and discharge planning

The Long Island Chapter of the CMSA continually evaluates the effectiveness and worth of the educational services it provides to the professional community.  Participants in the program are requested to complete the evaluation for the following program.  The evaluation results are used as a basis for planning and improving future programs and for distribution of professional education credits.
Date:  October 12, 2022
Speaker:  Ronald Hirsch, MD, FACP, CHCQM, CHRI 
Title of Program:  The Interplay between patient rights and your responsibility – Notifications and discharge planning regulations

Evaluation of Objectives:  The objectives of the program are listed below. Please indicate the extent the objectives were met by circling the corresponding number on the scale.  The scale ranges from a value of 5 which indicates the objectives were completely attained, to a value of 1 which indicates the objective was not obtained.

1. The case manager / social worker will be able to differentiate the notices provided to patients.
2. The case manager / social worker will be able to properly counsel patients on the implications of the patient notices.
3. The case manage / social worker will be able to provide patients guidance in selecting post-acute providers.
4. Will you change your practice based on this knowledge

Evaluation of Speaker: The following statements address the content, presentation, offering factors, applicability, and overall value of the program.  Indicate your agreement with the statements by circling the corresponding scale value.  The scale ranges from 5, strongly agree to a score of 1, strongly disagree with the statement.  If the statement is not applicable, leave the scale blank.

1. The content met my expectations.
2. The content was well organized
3. The content was practical and relevant to my practice.
4. I acquired useful knowledge.
5. The content positively influenced my attitude toward the subject.

Speakers Presentation:

1. To what extent where the teaching strategies appropriate.
2. The presenter was knowledgeable of the subject.
3. The presenter was an effective educator.
4. The program was well paced.
5. There was adequate opportunity for questions / idea exchange.
6. The audio-visual aides were effective.
7. The handouts were effective / useful.

Evaluation of the facility:

1. The conference room was adequate for the number of attendees.
2. The acoustics were appropriate and conducive to learning.
3. The conference room was adequately heated / cooled.
4. The service was courteous and professional.
5. The food was well prepared, flavorful, and well presented.

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