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With over 15 expert Social Workers on staff, we provide homebound counseling to senior citizens and the disabled who would otherwise not be able to travel to an office for services. 
These services are provided by a licensed Clinical Social Worker under Medicare Insurance. We service most of Suffolk and Nassau County.  
Homebound Couseing

We apply on behalf of the client for Medicaid in Suffolk and Nassau County as well as all the boroughs. We apply for both Community and Chronic Care Medicaid. The evaluation for these services can be done in the privacy of your home or at our Smithtown Location.

Community Medicaid: Many people are eligible for Community Medicaid but are unaware of how to apply for these services. If your loved one has Community Medicaid they may be eligible for personal care aide services, adult daycare programs, Managed Long Term Care Services as well as an array of other services.

Chronic Care Medicaid: We apply for Chronic Care Medicaid for those loved ones who need to be placed in a nursing home for long term care. We are experts in the rules and regulations governing the Medicaid program and we provide a seamless transition from community care to the nursing home. We can also assist you in the process of applying to various nursing homes and expedite the application process. We arrange for a registered nurse who will complete the Patient Review Instrument and Screen which is required for nursing home placement. 

Pooled Trust: We apply for a Pooled Trust for those people who have excess income above the Medicaid limit and want to shelter this income to pay for non medical expenses at home. We are experts in securing this trust for you as well as to apply for Community Medicaid on your behalf. 



Effective October 1st 2020


- There will now be a 30 month look back period for Community based Medicaid 

- Transfers made during this time will result in a penalty period during which the applicant will be ineligible for Medicaid Home Care.  

- Transfers made to certain exempt individuals (I.e. spouses) will not result in a penalty period.  

-No change to spousal refusal (the mechanism that allows the healthy spouse to retain income and assets despite the applicant receiving medicaid services). 

-Medicaid eligibility requires assistance with 3 ADLs (activities of daily living) unless the individual has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia (then they will only be required to need assistance in 1 ADL)

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Long Island Elder Care holds regular CEU trainings at various locations across the Island. If you are interested in being notified about our trainings please email us at with your name and email so that we can add you to our mailing list. 

CEU Trainings
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In Office

Paula Pagan LCSW-R | CEO 

Jill Brown LCSW-R |Consultant 

Jason Pagan | Office Manager

Therese Nardo | Medicaid Coordinator 

Eric Pagan | Media Coordinator | Payroll  

Suzanne Klapak | Office Assistant

Julissa Pagan LCSW | Therapist 

Our Staff
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Long Island Elder Care 

732 Smithtown Bypass Suite A55 

Smithtown NY 11787

For General inquiries email us at 

or call us at 631-320-1070

Are you a LCSW Interested in joining our ever-growing team?

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Providing Care: The Entitlement And Community Resources W/ 2020 Updates 

1 CE credit 

Providing Care: The Entitlement And Community Resources W/ 2020 Updates Evaluation

Providing Care: The Entitlement And Community Resources W/ 2020 Updates Test

Providing Care: The Entitlement And Community Resources W/ 2020 Updates Documents 

Instructions to receive a certificate

CEU Webinars
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