Words Have Power 

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Words Have Power: Test 

Are you a:
1. True or false: Words are the only way we communicate.
2. True or false: “I Feel” statements put blame on the recipient.
3. True or false: One way we can change negative self talk is by using positive language.
4. True or false: It is self sabotaging to compare ourselves to others.
5. True or false: It is important that we challenge our own labels so that we are not stuck in one dimensional roles.
6. Active listening includes:
7. True or false: Being critical and constructive criticism are the same.
8. True or false: The use of “and” statements can be viewed as more flexible than “or” statements.
9. True or false: It is important to label behavior, as opposed to labeling character, especially when speaking with children.

Words Have Power! Understand the Importance of How We Communicate with Others: Evaluation 

Learning Objectives:  Participants will learn the significance of how words impact their views of themselves and other people.

Please take a few moments to answer the following questions, which will be used to assist us in meeting your needs. 

Seminar Offering: Learn various techniques to convey thoughts and feelings in a more effective way.

Please choose the appropriate number with 5 representing exceeded exaction and 1 being below expectation.

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